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Yateem Optician has been in the vision care industry for over a century now. Spread across the Middle East with over 100 state-of-the-art showrooms.

Optometry Examination

A proper Optometry examination is required every year whether you are already wearing glasses or if you have never worn glasses. This ensures that you are always wearing the correct prescription for your eyes and also helps identify any problems in the early stage itself.

Contact Lens Fitting

Selecting a contact lens is not something that should be done without an initial assessment by an Optometrist. The power of your spectacle and your contact lens power may not be the same and it requires a proper first fitting to identify the correct contact lens for you

Audiology Test

An audiometry exam tests your ability to hear sounds. Sounds vary, based on their loudness (intensity) and the speed of sound wave vibrations (tone). Hearing occurs when sound waves stimulate the nerves of the inner ear. The sound then travels along nerve pathways to the brain.

Corporate Vision Screening

As a part of our community outreach program, we partner with various organizations and groups in the market to provide exclusive corporate partnerships, vision screening services in the office, and vision care education sessions.

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